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Hello friends. I have been working at metal smithing & silver smithing since the late 1900s. I took a class at a nearby adult education program & learned the basics. I read books, looked at pictures & asked questions where I could. That was the extent of my formal training. I remember when I started the class, one of the women who had been there a while, asked why I was taking the class. I told her I was going to be a silver smith. She just smiled & gave me the look of a mother that knows better, and said, "Of course you are!"

I love the look of a richly patinaed copper next to sterling silver. They seem to compliment each other in a way that makes each look more precious. I have discovered through the years how to blend these metals, along with semi precious stones, and, sometimes, gold-filled, into richly layered works of wearable art. I NEVER get tired of hearing my customers say how they get so many compliments on their "Loganwear". I am supposed to toot my own horn here for now until I can pay someone to toot it for me! The bolos I wear in one of my "other lives" as a musician always get praised. The pieces I make are one of a kind, hand made works of art that I guarantee will bring more joy into your life. Or, your special someone's life! Ok, that's about all the tooting I can stand for now.

The site is a work in progress at this time, so please check back!

Take care, Jerry

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